Maybe I’ll put some links here. Is that weird? This is in no way a complete list, just the ones that are memorable and/or recent. If you’re really interested, you could google me. But please don’t tell me what you found on rateyourprofessor because kids are mean, and I was not a great teacher.

I’m a little proud of this one about the time I went to the perogy factory.

I started writing for xoJane recently:

xoJane: Mari Explains The Nutcracker

xoJane: Immigrant Xmas

xoJane: Mari Explains Federico Fellini’s 8 1/2

xoJane: How to shop like a seamstress

xoJane: I was a stock photo model — this one was particularly popular. The Doctors TV show was talking about flying me out to LA to talk about it, but I was scrapped at the last minute. HEARTBREAK.

xoJane: I finally understand how neuroscience is sabotaging my love life if you are a family member or otherwise uncomfortable with reading about my sex life, don’t click!

I wrote this very personal thing about racial identity in response to Eddie Huang’s worries about his show.

Shopping alone: a completely uncontroversial activity


This, on Spock, identity and mental health.


Oops! Sometimes I write serious features:

Alberta Views: Reeling in Alberta

Also, I’m not sure if this link works, but this is a thing I wrote for Mile Zero Dance’s salon.



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