Maybe I’ll put some links here. Is that weird? This is in no way a complete list, just the ones that are memorable.

HORSES FOR THE WALRUS! The Walrus was one of my Big Goal publications, and this year, thanks to my reputation as That Stock Photo Model, I caught the editor’s attention. https://thewalrus.ca/horses-depression-and-me-how-riding-changed-my-life/

I’m a little proud of this one about the time I went to the perogy factory.

I wrote for xoJane for a couple glorious years:
xoJane: I was a stock photo model — this one was particularly popular. The Doctors TV show was talking about flying me out to LA to talk about it, but I was scrapped at the last minute. HEARTBREAK.
xoJane: Mari Explains The Nutcracker
xoJane: Immigrant Xmas
xoJane: How to shop like a seamstress
xoJane: I finally understand how neuroscience is sabotaging my love life if you are a family member or otherwise uncomfortable with reading about my sex life, don’t click!


Sometimes I write about art: Alberta Views: Reeling in Alberta




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