I’m a freelance writer/editor in Edmonton, Alberta. I used to write the What’s On pullout thingy  in the Edmonton Journal and a weekly events column in the “ed” section of the same newspaper on Saturdays. Since then, I’ve done communications work, taught writing at Grant MacEwan University, and did some arts administration here and there. I wrote for a couple of reality TV shows for several very strange months, then I got a nice government job as a writer/editor.

I’ve written for xoJane, Alberta Views, and other places like the U of A’s Engineering magazine. I’m a regular contributor to the Rat Creek Press, which is the community newspaper for the Alberta Avenue neighbourhood. I’m versatile.

My day job lets me be selective about my more creative work, but if you need someone to write or edit something for you, drop me a line. I have a very expensive hobby, so a little extra here and there never hurts.

I have this blog because I obviously don’t have enough outlets for self-expression. Seriously though, when I found out some stranger bought marisasano.com, I just knew I had to get marisasano.ca before someone else did. Who knew? There’s a demand.

PS: photo credit to Ryan Parker


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  1. Cath Jackel says:

    Hi Mari!

    I don’t have a up to date e-mail address for you (I only had the Rat Creek editor one), and wanted to say hi. It’s been a while. I was looking through the Journal’s dining page, and found your El Rancho review. I agree, the food is excellent. If you ever want company in your restaurant wanderings, give me a shout.

    Have you tried the new Absolutely Edibles space on 96th street? It’s swanky, and the food is great. It’s cheaper than I expected, actually, given the quality. I had the lunch special last Friday. A tasty salad and a skewer of grilled chicken was only 10 bucks.

    Highly recommended.

    Hope you are doing well.


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