All the worst photos I see on Tinder

Aside from the obvious blurry/bad facial expressions/not the person in the profile, I have seen these:

1. Selfie taken from what appears to be under the dash of your car. Your seatbelt is still done up.

2. Your car/motorcycle/quad, but not you.

3. Your child/pet, but not you.

4. Only your abs.

5. You doing yoga in the wilderness.

6. You giving the finger to the camera (?!)

7. You with a northern pike/white tail deer.

8.You wearing shiny sunglasses.

9. You with a bride (hopefully not yours?)

10. You holding a musical instrument (surprisingly unsexy!).


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One Response to All the worst photos I see on Tinder

  1. Tamara M. says:

    I hate Tinder.

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