Texting the wrong number: a morality tale


Me: Hi! It’s Mari! The address is XXXXX XX Street!

Shorty after, I get a phone call and I explain to the dude that sorry, I texted the wrong number. A few minutes later, he starts texting me back.

Dude: Are you available

Me: How so?

Dude: To go out

Me: Uh, with a complete stranger? Why would you want that? I might be really horrible.

Dude: Do you work

Me: Of course I do.

Dude: Are you working now

Me: I’m not interested, if that’s what you’re getting at. I don’t even know you!

Dude: Me neither but someone else had my phone and wondering how you got this number

Me: By typing in the wrong number! I wasn’t looking for you!


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