Tonight I was supposed to go to Lily Tsui’s house for breakfast-for-dinner, but she got last-minute Oilers tickets and who am I to prevent a woman from going to see her true love? I have somehow accumulated way too many eggs, though, so I went ahead with breakfast-for-dinner for one.

I felt a bit like a fancy lady, so I put in a bit of effort and made waffles FOR THE FIRST TIME. I’ve had a waffle iron since forever, but never used it — it was kind of a hand-me-down, and it was my ex’s, and he didn’t want it, so there it is.

Waffles. Exalted waffles. Icon of shouty women. I made them my friend.

Here is the recipe. They’re easy (and I realize that Mari-easy is different from normal-easy, but here’s something I’m good at and don’t take it away from me).

The dry ingredients are mixed together (flour, sugar, baking soda). Then a couple egg yolks, a cup (!!) of melted butter, milk, vanilla, and egg whites beaten to meringue. Maybe I added too much sweetness; I used vanilla soy milk instead of bovine milk. Will adjust next time, as I will the melted butter because OH MY GOD BUTTERY.

Then I scooped up a bit of the batter and cooked it in my waffle iron. MAGICAL. It smells so good when it’s cooking, people. And since I was dining solo, I just ate them with my hands as they came out of the iron.

There it is. Great waffles, the first time. BEHOLD.



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  1. Ruz-el says:

    Only way these could look more light and yummy is to laden them down with syrup, lots of syrup!

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