The Canadian Idol

Been watching it?

I have, if only because friend-of-friends Sheldon Elter has been selected into the top 22. That’s been interesting, and he’s pretty good. But I don’t want him to win. Not because I think he’s untalented or undeserving, but I think he ought to be doing something more important. Use the publicity, Sheldon. Then ship out!

The men sang for their supper last night, a group of wannabe wankers, “funny” guys with “personality” (if you wear a shirt that says “Grandmas love mohawks,” it’s best not to HAVE a mohawk. It’s a sign that mohawks ceased to be badass A LONG TIME AGO. Also, note to the world: no more devil horn rock hands. That gesture, too, like the ‘hawk, has been rendered meaningless by overuse.) Meatheads who’ll get by on their looks.Teenagers who talk about “feeling” the lyrics, singing about lovemaking and booze– as if!

But I do have my favourites. The kid who looks like a butch lesbian, and sings like one too. It’s eerie, like listening to a castrato. And the skinny weird indie guy from Winnipeg, though I suspect his sarcasm will begin to wear on me soon enough. So boy-with-girl-butt it is! Go girly boy!

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