Dinner Project: Falafel

Some of us around here are donair addicts. It’s terrible, because we live not even a block away from a donair place. Some days, there’s nothing like a donair that fills your stomach like a sack of cement, sopping with sweet sauce of course.

After a whole year of last-minute donair meal plans, I had to stop. I need to take a break. So now I do falafels instead. It’s light(er), and possibly vegan (if you do tahini instead of tzaziki). And here’s the thing: you can make it at home!

A quick wander through the new neighbourhood Superstore yesterday led me to find not only a falafel mix, but organic falafel mix. An hour and a half later (what? I wanted to check out the new Joe Fresh stuff.) I had the makings of a pretty nice, inexpensive, more-or-less healthy dinner.

I just followed the instructions on the box: mix appropriate amounts of falafel mix with the corresponding quantity of water, let it sit 10 minutes. The form into little patties and fry in oil. Easy. I stuffed some whole grain pitas with about three falafel patties, lettuce, tomatoes, red onion, and a schmear of tahini. Delicious! And it took something like 15 minutes to make. Mmm. I bet I have enough for another round tonight…

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