Dinner Project: Glico Curry

When it’s cold and gloomy and I feel terrible about myself, I need to eat Japanese food. Most people think of the very expensive stuff when they think of Japanese food, but there is a world of typical Japanese things that are everyday, home-cooking comfort foods. Of course, I love sushi and tempura and all that too, but this is the stuff that my mom made for us growing up. It’s unglamourous, but hey. I’m not judging when you dump a can of baked beans in with your Kraft Dinner.

Glico curry is a sweet, unspicy (even the Hot kind has no bite to it whatsoever), creamy bastard cousin to anything that might legitimately call itself a curry. But what do you expect from a company that is better known as the maker of Pocky? It’s also cheap. For about $4, you can make enough curry sauce to feed a family. Or one person, over the course of several days (Aaron doesn’t like Glico Curry!).

Follow the instructions. It’s not difficult. I usually just put in potato, onion, carrot, and pork. Anything more than that seems overcomplicated, though I usually double the quantities. Something seems off about only putting one medium carrot, one onion, and one potato! Four is better. And twice as much meat, preferably kind of fatty. You’re boiling everything, so a little fat keeps it from getting too boiled-meaty. Serve with hot rice. My mom usually has some pickled ginger on hand (the savoury kind, not the kind served with sushi), but I always forget.

Sweet, gravy-like Glico Curry! So comforting! I can (and do!) eat it for  whole week!

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2 Responses to Dinner Project: Glico Curry

  1. Pauline says:

    I also add froz. peas, even if Dad disapproves.

  2. Elsie Hui says:

    I really like glico curry! :) I just made some for lunch and it was really good! The taste and texture is always great!

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