London Olympic mascots

Oh, England! Why!

From the land of Road Dahl, Paddington, Rupert, and Winnie. These things? Seriously? Spiky cyclopses?

Vancouver did something brilliant in drawing from anime to create their uber-cute mascots, Miga, Quatchi, and Sumi. Anime, because Vancouver has a sizable Asian population, plus anime is futuristic. Vancouver is futuristic! They translated very well to a plushy format, which meant gazillions in sales. I could not get a pair of Quatchi slippers like I wanted. In fact, it was very difficult to get any mascot-emblazoned items by the time the Olympics rolled ’round!

Haven’t you learned anything from Vancouver? Oh right. I forgot. The Brits hated everything they did in Vancouver. Fools!

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2 Responses to London Olympic mascots

  1. j says:


    did you see the 30 rock where wesley snipes (not *the* wesley snipes) reveals that he’s trying to flee extradition to the uk because of the olympics?

    “we’re not prepared!” he gasps. “did you see the beijing opening ceremonies? we don’t have control of our people like that!”

  2. jay says:

    yo, where’d your blog go? your audience is restless! more mari! more mari!

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