AGA: a sober second thought

I think I was unnecessarily mean in my last post, and now that I’ve had a couple of days to think about it, here are some more thoughts:

It sucks that the mainstream media has clout and access, and that’s why I don’t mind aligning myself with them. But that makes me kind of sucky, too. But man, have I ever been spoiled in my career. When you’re with a daily newspaper, people really work to accommodate you. It’s awesome. Sorry for my sense of entitlement; I will try not to be too petulant in the future.

On the other hand, I was still surprised at how many people showed up simply to document the building, which is redundant considering how much coverage that angle has had. The value of writing about the building at this point is to really critique it honestly, but so far no one has really done so aside from the obtuse “waste of taxpayers’ money” kind of argument.

My two cents? It’s a fantastic improvement over the last facility. I can’t wait to see what they do with it. So much more proper, climate-controlled gallery space which will enable proper exhibition conditions for tours. The public areas are beautiful, though I might miss the big donut in the middle of the second floor, which was kind of nice for people-watching across and all the way down the stairwell. I hope, too, that  in the new galleries there are secret pockets and corners for intimate discussions, like the weird little appendix on the far  north east part on the upper level of the former building, or the kitchen gallery. And the theatre really does seem like an afterthought. If the most interesting feature of that room is the ambient lighting, yikes! It makes me worried that the acoustics and other technical considerations were given the short end. I really, really hope I was misunderstood when I asked about projection formats. An art exhibition theatre without 35 and 16 mm film projectors, at least, would be odd considering how uptight media artists are about stuff like that.

I do think that social media types are a long way from legitimacy, and part of the problem is quality control. Some bloggers seem to be heavily invested in the idea of being outlaws, rather than merely independent. And though an outsider view is sometimes valuable, outsider does not equal willfully ignorant. This causes institutions like the AGA to regard us with some incredulity, and rightly so.

So, here’s what I’m doing. I’m having another look, and doing some penance, by volunteering for 9 hours on Sunday. I’ll let you know how that goes.

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  2. I think you need not appologize for your response and view. I found it compelling after reading Chris’s. The perfect foil. I didn’t even get an invitation and have been an Edmonton Blogger for over 2 years, and worked at fundraising for the building… and have a major in fine art… so, I even found it somewhat “offensive” that some of us were invited, and some were not. What was the criteria…? But. to be honest, I really don’t care in the grand scheme of things.
    There are only a handful of us in this city… Surely, all could have been invited… but then, I wouldn’t have gone. I teach full time. I just found this to be a bit “funny”. A handful of bloggers were invited to “get the word out”. Yet, others were not. Vely intelesting.
    It is a good idea, but not without its bumps, that is for sure.
    And, I am sure all is gorgeous. I cannot wait to get in there and see the art work. We are so behind in that area in this city. Art is such a profound expression of our culture and we do need to do more to nurture it in this community.
    You wrote about the treatment of bloggers compared to your experience as a reporter. Well done.
    It certainly didn’t diminish my anticipation of the opening of this facility, and I don’t feel you need to pay penace by volunteering – but volunteering is a necessary community activity, any way. Good for you!
    So, this is two of us who are slightly negative. I have big shoulders. I am not competing with anyone. But, if I feel this way, how must the others in out small community feel?
    Enjoy your day!

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