Dinner Project: Perogies!

That’s right. I went straight into it, on my own, no Baba supervision. And you know what? It’s time consuming, but really very easy. The dough is made from 2 cups of flour, a teaspoon of salt, a half cup of sour cream, an egg, and a quarter cup of softened butter, cut up in pieces. I massaged it all together, then let the dough rest in the fridge for a bit.

The filling? I kinda just eyeballed it. Peeled and boiled a bunch of potatoes, then mashed then and added grated cheese to it until it tasted right. Then I rolled out the dough (I was at my sister’s place, so I had to use a wine bottle) and cut out rounds using a glass, then tucked in a ball of potato and pinched the edges together. On the advice of  my friend Marek I also used a fork to really seal the edges. It looks pretty, too. You know the rest: throw ‘em in boiling water ’til they float, drain, fry in butter, serve with butter-fried caramelized onions, sour cream and bacon. Brilliant!

Sorry, still no photos. WordPress, why do you fail me? Take my word for it, though: they look like heaven. Pillowy good heaven.
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4 Responses to Dinner Project: Perogies!

  1. Fish says:

    Aw! Baba would be proud, Mari.


  2. mari says:

    I made them again last night.

  3. Peter Brandon says:

    I finally tried this after testing the gyoza recipe and made a few measurements along the way. I boiled up some potatoes, drained (mostly) and whipped them with a hand mixer. I find this puts a bit more air into them than a masher. I found I had 6 ½ cups of potatoes. I added to this roughly 2 ½ cups of smooth feta cheese, grated very coarsely and packed very lightly into the measuring cup.

    I had done Mari’s dough recipe the night before but ran out of time before bedtime so they “rested” overnight. This produced a very stiff dough but since I had a proper rolling pin at hand, I was eventually able to prevail. I used a 2 ½” round cookie cutter and then rolled out the circles further to double the width. These produced about 3 dozen large (at least double that of the ISO standard that everybody sells in frozen form) dumplings before I ran out of dough. I was probably able to get 1-2 tablespoons of filling into them. The larger dumplings probably ‘waste’ more dough, however, I have rough half the filling left, so I would estimate 4 cups of mashed/whipped potatoes to 1 to 1½ cups of cheese would be a better match.

    What a difference with fresh makes. Boiling was almost like blanching, they floated that quickly. To my taste, the Feta did not overwhelm the flavour, but perhaps tended to reinforce the sour cream. After frying in butter, I felt no need for the other condiments.

    I used Safeway sour cream, but the egg and butter came from Johnson’s farm. They sell their dairy products at the Sherwood Park Farmer’s marketevery Thursday. The smooth Feta came from Omonia Foods on 101st St. and about 106th Ave. The potatoes came from my garden.

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