Dinner Project: Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving, I spent the morning writing the introduction to a cookbook. It’s a dream come true! The co-creators are Julianna Mimande (of Bacon and Eatery at the Artery) and artist/designer Gabe Wong (who is not the one I went to high school with; I don’t know what happened to that guy), and photographer Zach Ayotte who has taken some absolutely gorgeous images of the farms that they visited. It’s friendly and thoughtful, lighthearted yet intelligent. Perfect. I am really lucky to have been invited to contribute– literally, since it was a conversation for SEE I had with Gabe about an art exhibition he curated that led to a casual chat about food.

That being done, I set about getting ready for the Sasano family feast. I am usually asked to bring my mac ‘n’ cheese, plus this year I decided to make that coffee cake from a few days ago, since it worked out so well. I hope everyone likes it!


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