Dinner Project: Penne with vodka sauce

I got this recipe from Rachael Ray, who claims that this dish is so good, it can get a man to marry you. I know better– I want a man to marry me for something more substantial than my sauces! But it’s pretty good. I wouldn’t get hitched because of it, but then again, my marriage was pretty lousy.

I sauteed a couple of minced shallots and garlic in olive oil, then added a cup of vodka. All I had was Zubrowka, which is a flavoured vodka. Something called Bison grass. It tastes herb-y. Anyhow, after adding the alcohol, I reduced it by half, then added a can of tomatoes which I mashed into the pan, then a cup of turkey broth (I had no chicken!) then simmered it some more. Then, in went half a cup of cream, salt and pepper and some fresh basil. In it went with the penne, a side of butter-fried broccolini, and there! A very tasty dinner.

I am SO INTO myself right now.


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2 Responses to Dinner Project: Penne with vodka sauce

  1. j says:

    maybe you can convince yourself to marry yourself!
    (because everyone knows that’s what’s gonna happen now that we’ve okay’d gay marriage!)

  2. mari says:

    They make you sign a declaration when you apply for a marriage license that says you won’t marry someone who is related to you. So sadly, you can’t marry yourself!

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