The Protector

If you love elephants (and you should), this is gonna make you bawl.

Tony Jaa plays a guy who looks after elephants with his father. Fine enough elephants for the King of Thailand, and fine enough elephants to grant its owner grace and power. The Bad Guys know this, and so they kill Tony Jaa’s father and steal two of their elephants to bring to an evil drug dealer woman in Australia.

“You killed my father! You stole our elephants!” becomes his battle cry. He will do anything, especially his bone-crushing Muy Thai skills, to get them back. They are family, after all.

Elephants are people, like dogs, apes, horses and dolphins are people. It’s true that elephants never forget, and though they are not as intelligent as humans, they still know who is a friend and who has hurt them. Read here:

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