Fairmont Hotels

So, after getting really ahead of my work in anticipation of possible jury duty, I discovered that I am a full 3 days ahead of deadline. Paul had some meetings in Calgary, so I rolled out of bed at 5 am this morning and accompanied him.

Since we’re no fans of late night highway driving at night, we decided to stay over. “I wonder how much it costs to stay at the Palliser?” asked Paul. Well, it’s probably too much, but am I ever glad we’re here. I’ve always had a good time at a Fairmont hotel. I’ve stayed at the Fort Garry in Winnipeg during the film festival and the Mac in Edmonton for some friends’ wedding (a particular treat, since when do we normally get to stay at a hotel in our home towns?) and they both were spectacular. The Palliser is no different. It’s all soaring marble, brass and rich carpeting, stately like all the old railroad hotels. The doormen wear top hats. I love it.

They let us check in early, which meant I was wide awake at 9am with an entire day ahead of me! But I forgot my purse in the car. No problem, I got the concierge to send someone to fetch it. And the guy didn’t even expect a tip! I gave him one anyway.

Then I went to the gym, which is quite well-equipped for a hotel. I did 30 minutes on a treadmill (there are also ellipticals, bicycles, and steppers) and on the machines and weights I got an entire workout the same as I would at home. There is a nice locker room down there too, with toiletries. I’ll check out the pool and hot tub later.

Then I took a hot bath, using their citrus-scented products, dried off with their plushy white towels, and went to the lounge for lunch. Currently, they are serving holiday lunch buffets, but I had instead a lighter lunch of a ham and brie sandwich with cranberry spread, which came with a salad. Delicious. It was served on a “pretzel bun,” which turned out to be a challah-like eggy bread.

Then I hooked up the internet– high speed at $14 a day, but if you register for Fairmont’s complimentary President’s Club, it’s free. I signed up, ’cause there is a good chance I’ll be staying at a Fairmont hotel again.

The bedding here is soooo nice. Crisp, with down duvets and pillows. Since I am now going to take a nap, this too is something that I more than appreciate.

Hooray for luxury!

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