Well, OK. I guess. For now.

After the election I sent an email to my new Conservative MP Laurie Hawn, basically saying that even though I didn’t vote for him he still has to deal with me. And much to my surprise, he took some time out of his busy packing and business card ordering (or whatever MP’s elect have to do near the first day of work) to write back. I was plesasantly surprised at his reasonable answers, even though I still disagreed on some of them on gun control and registry,for example. And there are signs of his impatience with some of the crazier elements in his own party. His take on same-sex marriage is that he would prefer they stuck to civil unions (he has a lesbian niece who is in one), but as he says,

“I’d rather concentrate on other issues of more importance to all Canadians but, if it comes up, you know where I stand.”

He thinks we should look into proportional representation, given the diversity of, say, his own riding. And then this:
“Yeah, we’re stuck with each other, and I know that we’ll both make the best of it. :-)”

So I don’t have to like him (and now I do, in spite of his party), but I respect him. And more importantly, now he knows I’m watching his ass.

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