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Peanut butter marshmallow squares

You know those peanut butter marshmallow squares? Kind gross as a concept, but irresistible once you started? Yeah. We used to buy JUST ONE at the farmers market as a treat, but when they ran out this week, we were … Continue reading

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Borscht, possibly again?

I don’t remember if I’ve written about borscht already! But here it is, since it’s getting cold outside and we can all use some soup. I don’t have a recipe, but very roughly here’s what you do: Peel and chop up … Continue reading

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I love oatmeal. But maybe buying 5 lbs of steel-cut oats is a bit much for just a couple of us. I started in on it today, though. It takes a long time (45 minutes, thereabout), but it’s so nice … Continue reading

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