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Dinner Project: duck leg, again!

Here’s a high/low combination: I’m eating a tasty duck leg (Greens Eggs and Ham, of course!) while watching The House Bunny. It’s good!/it’s terrible! Just like life. I seared the leg on both sides, then popped it in the oven … Continue reading

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Immense Mode

So you know I have this awesome contract with the EAC involving public art. One of the things I’ve had to write about is the sculpture at the Southgate transit terminal. It’s called Immense Mode, or, more commonly known as … Continue reading

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Mike Leigh is supposed to be one of those serious filmmakers, and I know I’ve seen a couple of his films but I can’t for the life of me remember a single one. What was it I saw? Secrets and … Continue reading

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I’m not much of a baker, but there has been so much talk of baking cookies on the dash of your car that I got a hankering for gingersnaps. I didn’t have butter, so I debated winging it, or going … Continue reading

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Dinner Project: Penne with vodka sauce

I got this recipe from Rachael Ray, who claims that this dish is so good, it can get a man to marry you. I know better– I want a man to marry me for something more substantial than my sauces! … Continue reading

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Dinner Project: Salmon cakes

I’m generally against buying prepared foods at the farmers market since getting something ready to eat takes the fun out of making something myself. And besides, they are usually expensive. But once in a while, I do get lazy. And … Continue reading

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Dinner Project: Duck Leg

This is a dinner I made for myself a while ago, but I’m catching up. The wonderful folks at Greens Eggs and Ham are always coming up with ever more delicious ways to enjoy duck. One time, I went to … Continue reading

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When my friend Ben suggested we go see Moon, I said the following: “I really liked Sam Rockwell in Charlie’s Angels.” I think it made him want to punch me in the arm, hard. But seriously, that’s all I really … Continue reading

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Beer and Boar!

I’ve been basically on my feet since 8 am helping at Beer and Boar at Alley Kat today, beginning with a little setting up and even spending time in the kitchen prepping salads and being a nice hostess. The Slow … Continue reading

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Beer and Boar

So you know I love food, right? Well, a year ago I did an article for Legacy magazine about Slow Food in Alberta and I’ve been getting involved with the Edmonton convivium over the last while. I’m volunteering, for example, … Continue reading

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