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Preview: Assassins

Who love musical theatre? You should, if it’s my friend Clinton Carew directing. He’s a mad scientist, an innovator, a cheeky imp! Assassins, by Stephen Sondheim, is his MFA thesis. I’ve been looking forward to it for months now, and … Continue reading

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My interview with Jennifer Fox

Jennifer Fox is an acclaimed documentary filmmaker. She will be in town for the Reel Femme Festival, and will be leading a workshop. They will also be showing her six-part TV series, Flying: Confessions of a Free Woman. In it, … Continue reading

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International Dance Day

For me, pretty much every day is dance day when I wake up. But I do think that as a society, we leave dancing to the professionals, or in dark, drunken clubs way too much. Dance is such a physical, … Continue reading

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Dinner Project: Lazeeeeeeee!

But tasty and nutritious. I always keep a bag of frozen pasta in the freezer. The Italian Centre has these great raviolies in varying degrees of fanciness, like gorgonzla pear, or venison. This time I got four cheese and spinach. … Continue reading

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Things to look forward to: April 27-May 3

Today, the Nina Haggerty Centre will hear about whether they have received their Communities Facility Grant. They are having a party to open the letter at noon. I think the centre does amazing work– check out the exhibition at the … Continue reading

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Sad things covered in snow


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Northern Food Night

  Last year, I wrote an article on the Slow Food movement in Alberta (excerpt), and since then I’ve become increasingly interested in food, food security, sustainability, and of course, eating. I went to a fun event in the summer … Continue reading

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Opera Party!

Edmonton Opera is starting a program for young people (and by young, they mean under 40) called Encore. They launched it last night with a party, which took place right on the set of La Traviata, which will be the … Continue reading

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Edith’s haircut

Before and After. Now you can see her pretty face!

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Citadel: Wizard of Oz

I was already inclined to love this because: a) The story is among my very, very favourites — the same can be said of the movie, which makes me cry every time; b) My friends Jeremy Baumung (scarecrow), John Ullyatt (tin man) … Continue reading

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